The building that houses Banco Casino is located is located on the historically significant border between the Old and New Town. The street, which is in accordance with the current rating scale in order as the 18th of the most expensive street in the world in terms of any lease areas within it.

Given that the site is situated in the heart of Prague, buildings and streets in the area remember the stories that are deeply rooted in history.

Destruction of the city walls and filling the moat predetermined future importance of street prikope. For its significance greatly contributed unification of Prague in 1784. Until then, the area was peripheral to both cities. During the 19th century Príkopy important commercial buildings and at the end of the century had become a highly frequented city bullevardem.

On the other side stands against Myslbecké construction of palatial buildings named as the “Fruit Market”. Fruit Market was for centuries the largest and most important areas of Prague because it was part of the most extensive market. However, construction Nosticovo Theatre (today known as “The Estates Theatre”) interrupted the interconnected system markets, thus Fruit Market, separated themselves from the events in the Old Town Square. Over time, created around the fruit market extra square.