Slot machine is usually an electronic device on which to run the game for money, typically mounted high standing cabinets with display and operating elements on the front wall. Today, the most common slot machines that allow you to gamble with cash prizes.

In practice, we meet three basic types of slot machines, a classic mechanical slot machine, then with digital machines (mostly LCD with touch screen) and finally with the VLT, thus winning lottery terminals.

They are players who would never hit it off for other than mechanical machine, on the other hand there are people who believe that mechanical machines obsolete and do not play them.

In the case of VHP gaming machine “mechanical machine” are the most important parts of the machine blade (according to the three to five) that after pressing the turn and after a certain time the wheels “stuck”. If the observed combinations of symbols (three identical symbols in a row horizontally or diagonal by) the player is credited win according to the value of symbols. S is multiplied by multiplying batches win. Rotation of the disc causes the player the impression of roulette, but they stop at a certain position is controlled by software and slot machine player is only initiated. Software PLC is set according to the general conditions (laws and regulations) so that the prize must be allocated a certain percentage of bets. In the case of LCD controllers principle is basically the same, but the menu is more games and slot machine is perhaps a little more user friendly.